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Key Settlements, Inc was founded by title producers with years of prior experience working together as a team.  Each founder brings varing complementary skill sets to their venture together as Key Settlements, Inc.  Strong leadership in Key provides a great platform to service the real estate market, and they are looking forward to serving you.  


CINDY L. STENGEL, Founder & Co-President


Since 2002 of real estate experience, Cindy has proven to be an asset to those she works with. She spent her early years working for a privately owned mortgage company processing mortgage loans & closings. Then moved to a high producing title agency. There she developed her skills handling a multitude of real estate components.. Major accomplishment during that time was creating a closing department from scratch. 


She then enhanced her customer service skills when she became the refinance coordinator for the title agency. Building relationships between the consumer and agent by providing them a liaison for their real estate refinance needs. Continuously coordinating with the closing department to ensure smooth transactions for the clients. 


She further built her skills when joining the sales team for the title agency by establishing long lasting relationships with fellow industry attorneys. Cindy was a point of contact for the attorneys and provided them an avenue for quick and reliable service. 


Cindy is true to her belief that customer service plays a key part to establishing efficiency in real estate transactions.  Cindy has a degree in the Arts and a New Jersey Title Producer's License.

CYNTHIA D. CHIA, Founder & Co-President

In 8 short years, Cynthia embraced a quick journey to closing department leadership.  She started as a closing coordinator at a respected high volume title agency, and was promoted to be the closing manager and again quickly advanced to Assistant Vice President. Cynthia identifies with her meticulous attention on facilitating transactions, synchronizing scheduling, staying apprised of and complying with requirements, and effectively coordinating between attorneys and clients. 


As Assistant Vice President, Cynthia was responsible for incorporating regulatory compliance into the workflow, training employees, keeping a close pulse on the daily workings of the department and resolving all matters disclosed by three-way trust account reconciliations.  She is a strong proponent of training and believes in empowering her team with information, as a way of facilitating the best service to clients.


Cynthia holds a degree in Business Management, a New Jersey Title Producer’s License and speaks Spanish.

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